Atticus Huxtable

Kentucky gent looking to bring civility to the West, any which way he pleases.




A drawling gunslinger and self-styled gentleman, hailing from Kentucky. Although his stated desire to bring civilisation to the West can sometimes be compromised by flexible morals, Atticus strains to maintain his decorum and good manners at all times.

Lately he has been riding with Bo and “Wild” Anne Munny – Legend Of The West. Separating from Bo after an intriguing series of events in Council Bluffs, Huxtable set off in search of Anne, who had mysteriously vanished. The results of his search form a central part of the The Heat and the Meat.

Huxtable is currently the interim manager of Haskin’s Saloon, while its owner Emmett Haskin recovers from exhaustion. His early exploits in this arena are detailed in One shot too many.

Atticus Huxtable

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