Wallace Hubbard

Owner and proprietor of the General Store


Wallace Hubbard and his wife Marsha Hubbard operated a travelling wagon of general supplies that made the rounds of the small towns in Northern California during the early 1870s. Following the founding of Haskin’s and the Bearmoon Livery Stable, The Town became a regular stopping point for the Hubbards and, never slow to spot an opportunity, Wallace elected to abandon his itinerant ways and set up a permanent base next door to Haskin’s saloon.

As the primary source of goods and non-home grown foods for the townsfolk, as well as supplies and a hot meal for travellers, Hubbard holds a position of respect and responsibility in the town. His formerly close relations with Cillian Obannan and the subsequent cooling of their friendship is a defining factor in the politics of this early settlement.

Wallace Hubbard

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