Roy Goodwin

One of the two owners of the Livery Stable - oldest building in town



Preferred horse is a dappled grey mare called Salome.


Goodwin and his partner Emma Roth founded the Bearmoon Livery Stable in 1876, identifying the need for a waypoint on the journey between Virginia City and Sacramento. It is from these humble beginnings that the town grew to its current size and complexity.

Goodwin prefers to stay out of the politics that have grown up around the Livery Stable he still runs, unless there seems to be a that to innocent people safety brewing. At such times he will interpose if he can. His status as one of the town’s two earliest settlers and his excellent knowledge of the surrounding landscape earns him a cautious respect from The Town’s newer citizens and make him a common source of information for those looking to explore beyond its borders.

Roy is in his mid- to late- forties. He has a relaxed demeanour, and a loud voice. He can be pushy and occasionally condescending, feeling that he has earned his place and understands the ways of the world better than the usual bunch of hot headed cowboys and clueless settlers who pass through the town.

He grew up in Texas, and moved around a great deal. Tried several different professions but mostly cattle herding and horse breeding.

Roy Goodwin

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