Cillian Obannon

Money lender


Cillian Obannan saw great opportunity in The Town for an enterprising man such as himself. Fronting the money for Rufus Mattox to set up his Barber’s, he soon saw a return on his investment strong enough to allow him to do the same for the town flop house.

From there, he offered loans to all those looking to set up a permanent residence in town and claim a small homestead. As a result, there are few families or businesses in town that do not have some link or financial obligation to Obannan, fulfilled or otherwise.

Until 1878, Cillian operated his money lending business from a small counter in the general store. Eventually, however, he had the funds to construct a large and opulent home for himself and his wife and daughter on the main street. With his business concerns and prominence in town growing exponentially, he has also taken a modest group of enforcers into his employ.

However, Obannan had nothing to do with the funding or construction of the recently opened casino, making it the first business since the founding of the General Store to open without his involvement in some capacity. The political ramifications of this new powerful business, which owes no debt to Obannan, are yet to be fully realised.

Cillian Obannon

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