Reverend Henry Kelly

The town priest




The mild mannered priest, Henry Kelly, is part of the second wave of Town residents, arriving shortly after the construction of its chapel. Although an avowed pacifist, there are certain threats to the sanctity of his church and his town which will promote him to drastic action – as was witnessed in the saga of The Gabriel Hound.

It was during this period that Kelly made a tremendous discovery. That his link with the Lord had grown so strong that, with deep enough prayer, miracles would leap forth from his fingertips. This discovery was vital in defeating the beast that had claimed the life of Lorne Caulfield, but the preacher is still coming to terms with its full implications.

Kelly owns a well-worn Tomahawk that spends the majority of its life stored in a plain box inside the chapel. He also speaks fluent Sioux. Both boons were acquired during time living with a tribe of Indians. An experience which propelled Kelly into both priesthood and pacifism.

Reverend Henry Kelly

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