Emmett Haskin

Owner of the town's Saloon


Emmet Haskin is the owner and founder of Haskin’s, The Town’s second building and until recently its only alcohol serving establishment. Shortly after the creation of the Bearmoon Livery Stable, Haskin began to regularly set up show across the street, selling an assortment of scavenged and home brewed liquors to travellers stopping in the Livery Stable.

Towards the end of 1876, Haskin had built up enough cash and resources to construct Haskin’s saloon, the second building in what would eventually become the town. The site has flourished as a provider of liquor, board and entertainment for travellers and townsfolk alike. Until the recent opening of XXXX Casino, Haskin held the monopoly on The Town’s nightlife. The precise ramifications of this sudden market diversification have yet to be seen.

Emmett Haskin

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