Haskin’s saloon was the second building ever constructed in what would eventually become The Town. Its owner Emmet Haskin continues to own and operate the site.

The site has flourished as a provider of liquor, board and entertainment for travellers and townsfolk alike, since its opening in 1876. Until the recent opening of Hoyle’s Casino, Haskin held the monopoly on The Town’s nightlife and the precise ramifications of this sudden market diversification have yet to be seen.

Haskin’s provides some limited victuals, alongside entertainment including a stand up piano and Olive – until recently the town’s only whore. One room is available for rent, while the other is kept free to give Olive space to ply her trade.

At the current time, Emmett Haskin is recovering from exhaustion incurred during the events of The Heat and the Meat. In the interim, he has entrusted Atticus Huxtable to manage the establishment.


Owner: Emmet Haskin
Interim Manager: Atticus Huxtable
Barman: Jesse Norton
Whore: Olive
Saloon Boy: Isaac Franks


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