Roderick Hault

A sickly looking, but relatively well dressed, one armed tough.




Hault grew up and was educated in Philadelphia. Towards the end of his schooling he and his schoolmates dabbled in the dark arts, daring each other to perform various arcane rituals. It was a childish game, and they soon grew out of it.

He headed west to follow a more thrilling, and less lawful life on the frontier.

A little over a year before his arrival in the town, he was spending his ill-gotten gains at a whorehouse in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Roderick was killed by a soldier in a dispute over a girl. Shortly afterwards he killed the soldier in revenge. Now a second girl, enraged by the soldier’s death, hunts Roderick across the country.

Roderick Hault now works for a man known as Duster, who hires Roderick and others like them out for various jobs.

Roderick Hault

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