"Wild" Anne Munny - Legend Of The West

A fast talking, sure-footed young woman with a taste for adventure.




Brought up by her mother, Brigadier General Frances Munny in various Union army camps. Her father, Captain Herbert Munny, a failed cattle farmer from Kansas, died of Whooping Cough when Anne was 2 years old.

Frances was one of the most highly decorated women in the Union Army, and while Anne inherited her strong will and determination, she lacked the discipline and sense of duty that characterized her mother.

With her mother retired at the age of 45, Anne, a girl of 17, set off to make her name as a hero of the wild frontier, following one of their frequent quarrels about Anne’s future and her ability to meet such perils as her formidable mother had faced.

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Some time later, arrived in the Town in the middle of a gunfight, weilding two shotguns. Shot through the leg, and cared for by Emmett Haskin and Jesse Norton at Haskin’s until Atticus Huxtable’s arrival.

"Wild" Anne Munny - Legend Of The West

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